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Feeling Overwhelmed With Projects & Ideas?

I was recently asked a great question by one of my Instant Business Answers Members.  Below I’ll share with you both the question they asked as well as my response:

Q: I have so many projects, potential ideas and goals that I feel overwhelmed. Where do I begin?

Here is the thing to remember and this is a tip that comes from my own personal experience because I can relate to you tremendously on that. I am an idea guy so for me where I was overwhelmed was having so many ideas and not knowing which one to pursue. I will start pursuing one and then another idea would spark up and I will start going in that direction and it became a detriment more than it was an asset. So, when you couple that with the fact that there are all these different strategies that you can utilize and all these different ways to make money, my head was spinning in the beginning as well.

So, here is what I found very, very helpful for me; build from a core product, core service or a core platform. What I mean by that is start with one product that will serve as the base for everything else that you do.

A lot of mistakes that people make when they are marketing products and services online, is they will create a product for the dog niche for example. Maybe they will create an eBook, maybe an audio series. They build up an email list. They have got their sales letter and everything. The whole thing is working for the dog niche and then they turn around and they create a product selling gadgets of some kind.

So, the gadget market is totally unrelated to the dog market and they cannot use the momentum that they have built up in the dog market and parley that into the new market that they are entering which are gadgets.

What I recommend is you start with a particular core product or niche. Let us just say it is the dog market to keep with the example. Perhaps you have a book. What can you do to leverage that book to help you build your business through your subscriber and customer lists as well as build upon your existing products or services. So, if you have got a book already, that is an asset. We now change the focus to look how we can leverage that asset to build the other areas of the business, which are going to be your subscriber and customer lists.

So, that is where you start from and then what you would do if you decided to build on that, which I would encourage you to do. You would create other products that are related to that same niche.

So, let me use a good example; when a well known marketer I know started a course he found that a particular module was of great interest to his students. So, what he then did was he broke out that one module and created an entire course based on that one module.

So, it is still related to the same market and yet he is able to carry the momentum from one product right into the other and from that particular course there were modules he broke out into additional courses.

So again, what I would encourage you to do is just get clear on what your core product is or what your core message is. I would use that because that is an asset and what I would encourage you to do now is to create a platform to build from that.

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Comment by E.G. Sebastian
2009-06-28 23:36:50

Thanks so much for that question AND ESPECIALLY the answer. My problem is very similar: too many ideas and working on too many things at a time… Yet as I read your answer to this question that plagues so many of us like a real epidemic, I realized that I already have the basis… I wrote a book – it took me close to three years (Communication Skills Magic) – and that can be the basis of all my products, public speaking, etc. … and I can repurpose it to promote it for different niches.

Well…, THANKS! Great suggestion (and great website with lots of great info)

Comment by Scott Kravatz
2009-07-05 03:11:17

Good article. Also check out

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